Hot choco Body Kit


Hot choco kit can be used for dark skin complexion as it doesn’t tone or lighten, only glow and moisturize your dark skin complexion.

Hot choco soap
Hot choco face cream
Exfoliating scrub
Hot choco glow soap
Glow inner thighs kit used to clear very dark thighs, between the private areas, for all skin types. Inner thighs cream and scrub

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Hot choco Body Kit – Blemiviv Koncept


Avoid darkening, whitening, or masking your skin tone with a hot facial. Our hot choco body kit is a great solution to transform your dark skin into a beautiful one.

With a Blemiviv Hot choco body kit, you can have radiant, warm skin. Hot choco kit made with natural ingredients & it can thoroughly moisturize, tone, and glow your dark skin complexion. It is primarily for people whose skin looks dull or tired-looking.

Our hot choco kit includes 100% organic products, is safe to use, and doesn’t react or alter your skin tone or moisturize your face. It’s cruelty-free and vegan, so it’s safe for all people in all countries. The colossal size of the hot choco kit compared to other small kits allows you to enjoy the charm of beauty for more time.


Hot choco soap

 Do you want to get the “best for dark skin” feeling about your soap? Please add this choco soap variation: “Best for dark skin with its natural brightening effect”. Hot choco soap for dark skin is a vegetarian and natural soap for refreshing, anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory, and de-wrinkling. It contains vitamin E to minimize & prevent skin darkening. It also contains amino acid glucosamine & chondroitin to moisturize the skin. Use this choco soap for dark skin and start enjoying its benefits!


Hot choco face cream

Do you want to avoid developing wrinkles, age spots, freckles and other signs of ageing? You’ve come to the right place! The new miracle Hot Choco face cream is the best facial lightener that deep-cleanse, hydrates, and brightens the skin for natural glowing. Apply a thin layer on the face & neck; it works excellent on dark-skinned people.

The product is entirely natural and contains no pigments or chemicals, and it does not contain GMO ingredients or animal steroids and will never clog pores or break out. This product can smooth wrinkles, fine lines, and even out skin tone; enhance natural glow; work to fade dark spots, and restore youthful radiance & elasticity to the skin while helping to restore a youthful look & complexion in less than 15 days.


Exfoliating scrub

Remove blackheads, dead cells, dullness of complexion or dry skin and launch a new world of skin vitality!

Get rid of those pesky blackheads and other impurities by applying Blemiviv scrub after washing your face or body. It contains a powerful complex of ingredients that gently cleanse impurities accumulated on your skin surface while soothing and moisturizing your skin to heal it effectively.

Blemiviv Scrub provides a uniform texture; it’s hydrating and exfoliates the skin. Our scrub removes dead skin cells and makes the skin’s surface smooth and refreshing. Blemiviv Scrub is specially tailored to perform well on sensitive skin types.

Blemiviv Scrub is the best scrub for removing skin impurities and complexion, refining the texture and reducing blemishes’ appearance.


Hot choco glow soap

Is your skin blemished from years of sun exposure, stress and pollution? You want to get rid of those dark streaks, nightspots and rid the thighs of their shadow.

Th Blemiviv hot choco glow soap will help you get rid of dark patches in the private areas. If you want to get a beautiful thigh, but you don’t have time to scrub them daily, use Hot choco glow soap instead of other products to get tanning results in a few minutes.

It is also challenging to kick dark spots from

thighs and underarms.

Hot choco glow soap can help you lighten your skin within minutes and make your thighs visibly clean! The natural glow soap with brightening agents makes the entire thigh area brighter and brighter!

Don’t put up with those embarrassing dark patches and black thighs anymore; try Hot choco glow soap today!


Hot Choco Moisturizing Butter:

With Hotchoco moisturizing butter, you will never face dry thighs or think of black patches in private areas. It is an excellent moisturizing butter that is the best to get Mother Nature’s flawless skin. It soothes and heals dry, chapped and sun unpraised areas from your daily life. Hot choco moisturizing butter is the best choco butter out there! Try it Now!


Kit For Private and Exposed Areas:

It is the Blemiviv special kit for your thigs, underlegs or underarms because it has moisturizing butter and Glow Soap that has special black patches removing ingredients.

Yes! This kit also has a product for scrubbing and moisturizing your face, hands or arms. The addition of Glow oil in this kit makes it our top-seller and most loved kit to get glow on the skin, thighs and face.


A kit with 2 in 1 benefits is perfect to become a part of your beauty box. Get one kit Now to check the 100% authenticity of our scrubs and cream. We assure you will love our organic glow moisturizer and scrub!


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