Instant Glow Sugar Scrub


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Instant Glow Sugar Scrub

Instant Glow Sugar Scrub exfoliates, flushes away impurities, cleans and lightens the skin!

A sugar scrub that does it all: exfoliates, cleans and resurfaces your skin. It works on the whole body and contains a sugar that helps the body to absorb the exfoliating sugar, which leaves your skin looking bright and soft.

Scrubbing particles are a new type of exfoliant made from natural, organic ingredients. These particles are also safe and non-irritating. They are very effective in removing dead skin cells, leave skin smoother and brighter, offer more range in scrubbing options, and work very well on various types of skin.

The perfect combination of organic sunflower oil and cold pressed almond oil makes this sugar scrub the perfect get-it-on scrub for super-soft skin. So light, no harsh chemicals or fragrances.

Clean your face from grime and dirt with cleansing pad. Then moist the skin and take the sugar scrub from your beauty cupboard. After this, take out the scrub in the palm and mix with a spoon of water or a milk. Now start scrubbing the face. Please move your hand upwardly and then in a round direction for 7-8 minutes. Hola! the scrub time is finished. Clean your face and enjoy the smooth feel.

Instant Glow Sugar Scrub is a Perfect Choice For Busy Day:

Sugar scrub exfoliates and lightens the skin on a chemical level. Best for all skin types, work best for those suffering from acne or blackheads. This scrub with a sunflower oil is a natural moisturizer and is high in Vitamin E. This is a skin conditioning agent that also helps to protect the skin from free radicals.

So, if your daily routine doesn’t let you take care of your dead skin cells, then grab our Instant Glow Sugar Scrub. And make your day glow like a star.


  • Sugar scrub made with natural oils, i.e. almond oil and lemon oil.
  • With their natural white and brown sugar particles, it’s a fantastic cleanser to use.
  • It has a bleaching oil (sunflower) that’s also a mild skin cleanser. It works as a cleanser, toner, and exfoliator all in one.


  • Because of lemon oil, it can purify the skin from bacteria and viruses.
  • This scrub treats dark marks or uneven tone, trapped dirt in the pores and gives glamour to skin.
  • Instant glow sugar scrub is an outstanding moisturizer because of almond oil.
  • This exfoliator minimizes puffiness, cures the acne scars and minimizes the stretch marks.

Pro Tip:

With 0% reacting agent, this product is best fit for dry skin. Use it 9-12 times in a month or 2-3 times in a week. Remove all makeup and wash your face before you apply this product.

A brightening scrub is a simple 4-5 ingredient, quick process. Why get bright? The glow you need for your best complexion.

And so you arrived at a perfect white light, and the beginning of an infinity: infinite brightening marvels.

And we believe it’s time to stop thinking and start applying our Instant Glow Sugar ScrubBUY IT NOW!


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