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Snow White Soap – Blemiviv Koncept

Snow White Soap with breezy, elegant & bright design in a fresh new shade of brown!

The great thing about using Snow White soap is that it does not require skincare products. Because of soap’s original color, texture, and orientation, the product is light and non-greasy.

Snow White Soap is popular because of its cold and soft touch, making it more suitable. It leaves the skin feeling good and also does not have any stinging.

The problem with skin is that it fades with time. The problem with skin is that it fades with time. Yeah! We know

People love to look at their reflection, but they hate having wrinklessunspots, or even feeling cold. The water gets absorbed into the skin when using soap, and water molecules keep evaporating from your skin. Soap can change texture depending on the proportions of water molecules in it so that, for example, you won’t feel dry after bathing but will feel wet and smooth all over without drying, which is why people love to use soaps for their body care.


  • Snow White soap in 500grm or 1kg makes 100% natural ingredients and less than 0.3% soap activities.
  • Lightest, most hydrated moisturizing soap.
  • You can achieve high light skin effect by using snow-white soap.
  • Use it on your face, hands, body, and feet to achieve your desired skincare. Use it in a shower to clean your body and face.


  • This product is a miracle soap for all skin types, moisturizing and softening dry skin.
  • It also keeps the skin fresh and healthy and quickly makes your face glow with a healthy-looking color.
  • A quick and easy skincare product for acne scarssunburns, and tanning.

Daily Use Soap: Whiten the Skin

With the formula of unique ingredients, Blemiviv’s White soap has a long-lasting, moisturizing effect on the skin. It can use everywhere and anytime, cleaning, moisturizing, and removing makeup quickly.

This soap provides the best results with no irritation to the skin and a non-greasy feel to the hands. This magic soap has a soothing effect on all skin types. It can use on all body ‘cavities’ like elbows, knees, and other areas you could use another product for, not just on them alone, but on anybody area that requires moisture, softness, and lightening color your skin.

Our soap is a water-based100% natural soap. Hypoallergenic and easily remove impurities from the skin. It provides natural whitening benefits soothes and hydrates the skin.

Pro Tip:

Use our Snow-White Soap daily if you want your skin to be white. You can wash your body, hidden areas, and face with no side effects. After this soap, take the Caramel Glow Cream and moisturize your body.

You should try out Snow White Soap! It’s well-received & trendy in the industry. You don’t have to worry about buying high-priced skincare products because you get all this at a fraction of the price. BUY IT NOW.


  • Essential oil
  • Vitamin c
  • Vitamin e
  • Vitamin b8
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