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Not beauty or glow, care comes first. Make your skin pollutant-free and pure with organic skincare products
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We're professionals in the field of organic beauty. Our goods are completely natural, nutritious, and safe.

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Unique Products For Unique People

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Choosing the right one is a mind game. Do not captivate with the front. Could you go through our purpose?

Why Must I Make Payment Immediately At Checkout?

Far far away, behind the word Mountains far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts.

Specialists Not Ordinary

Consulting with a specialist in skincare and hair dresser is your demand. There is for you!

Organic Not Artificial

Yes! Pure is a human favorite. We focus on 100% originality. Not even a tenth of a percent less or 99%

Win Credibility Not Stars

We aspire to build trust with our customers , not unnatural. Your trust helps us to raise our best organic skincare brands.

Care Skin Not Money

Acne or uneven tone makes our lady less confident. Have a desire to make you sexy and prominent, not adding dollars in our pocket.

Be Bold, Be Daring

A Whole New Look

Even if it isn't the proper appearance for you, you are correct in attempting it. Take a chance! Getting a new impression of yourself is similar to morphing oneself into a new temporary with the services of someone else but at your discretion. Get two opportunities in one shot. Enjoy our services and get Skincare Products. MAKE NEW YOU!

Our Story

Blemiviv koncept started to bring blossom in you. After looking at ladies conscious of their face, acne, or dark spots, Blemiviv awakens their nerve cells. The founder had a dream to make women strong and daring. To spread Beauty and Glow, we mix natural ingredients in a certain amount recommended by dermatologists. Blemiviv Koncept features an endless variety of organic skincare products using a broad spectrum of natural ingredients. Start from scratch, Visit different sites, test herbs in a lab, apply on our hands and face, and then finalize the shape. Our team creates high-quality beauty products that do excellent favor for our planet fellows.

With customers around the globe, we pave our path to becoming a number one organic skincare brand.

Our Services

Salon Services

Great hair isn't something that happens by accident. It is done on an appointment. Styling the hair makes you younger. Hairstylists enhance your natural attractiveness. A hairdresser is responsible for the beauty of sparkling women.


Weave the hairs here for a striking and dramatic style. We will make a french braid, a fishtail braid, or any of your demands for your party look. Playing with hairs and provide you with the perfect appearance

Hair Wigs

Begin with a wig for slaying hair. Do you want to wear your short hair with extensions? Wish for blonde wigs? We facilitate our customers with natural and synthetic wigs. Hair is far more than a fashion symbol.


Our Happy Clients

Rejoice okunor
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The skin glow and tone come after the ingredients. And their material is natural. A MUST BUY
Juliet Ehiogu
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My friend recommended it! It was the best advice from my peer. I Ordered a Face cleanser that refreshed my glow and unclogged my pores—going to add it to my shopping cart again.
Ufuoma Umukoro
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My hair needs protein. I was really worried. Then I got Blemiviv Pure coconut oil and gave my hair grow back.
Linda Okuma
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5 STARS! Blemiviv baby soap makes my baby laugh and say bye-bye to rashes.

About Us

There’s something for everyone, from cosmetics and personal care to salon services and high-end wig treatments. Blemiviv koncept is your one-stop store for anything skin and hair-related. Our goal is to supply you with economical and effective products that last longer than traditional skincare and cosmetics companies. We provide a large range of natural cosmetic lines for ladies with different skin tones, from light to dark.

Blossom into a New You!



All skin types

The organic skincare line shakes natural ingredients to make it suitable for all skin types. Paraben free and 100 percent natural. The product is manufactured with raw materials and does not include artificial colors or fragrances. Placing an order for this item would be an excellent option!

Natural Care

Beauty idea is a high-quality organic product with a long-lasting natural aroma. Chemical-free fragrances, cosmetics, and shampoos are the finest and safest alternatives.

Pure Organic

Natural is preferable. The best option is organic. Learn about the ingredients in your products. Blemiviv organic products have high medicinal value, have no negative side effects, and are a safe alternative to chemical products. If you could only try one organic product, make it BlemivivKoncept!

Skincare is the armor to survive the dirt of air. From dark spots to uneven tones, there is a solution. Celebrate your beauty with our anti-aging milk soap to face cream.

Are pinkish cheeks your favorite? Glow makes you happy. We have caramel glow kits with non-alcoholic ingredients. Save your beauty and buy our Caramel glow mini-kits or soaps

The beauty game begins with moisturizing the skin. Check our oils to keep your skin moist. Also, grow your hair. Oils provide protein to your  dry scalp. These oils must be your daily hair care routine.

Mini hands, feet, and tummy require care. Don’t let your baby cry because of rashes. Use our baby liquid soaps and baby creams to provide your kid with natural care

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