Globally Loved Blemiviv Skincare:

Globally Loved Blemiviv Skincare:

Blemiviv Koncept is an organic brand that brings soulful skincare products to beauty-conscious people. Our main intention is to give your skin a natural glow with potent ingredients and fresh herbal extracts. We make the cream for dark spot removal, serums to revive dead skin cells, cleansers to wipe stubborn dirt from your face, scrubs to cleanse your skin deep layer and much more. 

All our products are dermatologist-verified, paraben free and have no water ingredients. Moreover, we add the ingredients in the optimum concentration to avoid skin burns, bumps and other side effects.

To get more details of our products and top sellers, read below!

Our Top Selling Products:

Vitamin C Serum:

Our vitamin C serum is getting hype because of its effective and natural ingredients, including rose extract, vegetable glycerin, essential oils, and natural particles. This serum is very effective in restoring skin naturally and removing the need for expensive surgeries. Moreover, it requires regular 7 days of usage to bring results for your skin. All this makes the vitamin serum the high-rated and most loved product of Blemiviv.

Flawless Body Milk:

The dermatologist at Blemiviv especially makes the body milk to uplift the skin tone and remove the acne scars from the body. And the product does it work more efficiently because of the tea tree oil, argan oil and witch hazel. This milk regulates sebum production and fasts the turnover cycle slowly to clear your skin organically.

Baby Liquid Soap:

The blemiviv baby soap is the most selling product till now. Most people loved it because of its tear-free formula and smooth lather. We make this soap highly moisturizing and effective for sensitive skin to save your baby’s skin from rash or skin infection. The natural oils and fresh herbal extracts make it an effective soap that cleans germs and leaves the skin smooth and soft.

Sun Screen Lotion:

There are a lot of sunscreens lotion in the market but what makes our lotion exceptional from others is its non-greasy and non-sticky nature. This feature makes it the best product in our range. Apply it before going outside; it will shade your skin from the scorching rays with SPF 30. It will not bring sweat to your skin and does not let germs or dirt particles penetrate your skin.

Flawless Glow Black Soap:

Our soap has Vitamin E, honey, butter and organic oil to light the rashes and blemishes from your skin. This soap does not just remove dirt from your body but also diminishes wrinkles and dark spots. The soap has a gentle lather and an effective smoothness that keeps your dry skin moisturized and smooth.

Easy Booking Process:

Blemiviv Skincare keeps it easy for consumers to get their desired product at their doorstep. The booking involves the 3 steps 

  • Select the item
  • Add it to the cart.
  • Enter address and Card details
  • Wait for 3 working days.

We ensure to deliver the product within the time, and if it gets late for some reason, we let our buyers know in advance to avoid any hassle on their part.