Here Are The 3 Basics Skincare Staples:

Here Are The 3 Basics Skincare Staples:

Having a proper routine for your skin health is necessary, but not everybody has the same skin type to follow the basic rules. As skin type varies, the skincare routine also fluctuates. So if you are new to this idea, you should be cautious about picking the products for your skin.

In today’s market, there are more than a million products, making it confusing for consumers to choose and understand what works for their skin type.

But no worries. Here we share the basic staples of reviving skin. Take a look at it.


Removing sweat, dirt, germs, makeup residues, and excess oil is always very important in a skincare routine because cleansers can remove dead skin cells and maintain the moisture and hydration of skin layers. 

But the main problem is which facial cleanser you should use that suits your skin. 

If your skin is susceptible, we prefer you to go for the cream-based cleanser and if your skin is more prone to acne, choose the cleanser with salicylic acid because it can cut down the grease and save your face from acne. Moreover, the water-based cleanser is also good for over-dry and normal skin. To save you from this, Blemiviv has come up with a face cleanser that is effective for all skin types, even for dry and oily ones. We have a water-based and non-abrasive cleanser with no artificial fragrance or alcohol, which is the best for sensitive, normal, or other skin types.

Exfoliate The Skin:

The second important step for skincare is exfoliation. However, most people didn’t find it essential, but the research reveals that exfoliation is the most suitable step to remove the dead skin layer, unclog the pores, and even out the skin tone. So when you cleanse your face, try to follow it with exfoliation.

However, if you want to get the best results, you should be very careful when choosing what kind of scrub to use. If you haven’t used any exfoliating product, try to choose a scrub with light ingredients like PHA or lactic acid.

We recommend you check out the Blemiviv skin care Exfoliation scrub if you don’t want irritation and skin bumps.

Moisturize The Skin:

The moisturizing cream is the most helpful in acting as a barrier between the weather factors and your skin layer. Also, the moisturizing cream can seal your skin’s hydration and make it more beautiful and supple than ever before. 

So to layer up your face with effective ingredients, you must go for the moisturizing cream with a broad spectrum protection factor and is organic without additives. The Blemiviv Koncept has a vegan-free and natural moisturizing cream that can cover your forehead, nose, and cheeks from unwanted ingredients.

Final Verdict:

Here we share the 3 basics of the skincare routine for you so that you do not go for the wrong steps and can protect your face from an unwanted situation. Moreover, we prefer you to try out this routine for at least one month to get the desired results.