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Blemiviv light skin Face cleanser


Blemiviv Light Skin Minty Toner ( Face Cleanser)

The face requires care, not a miracle! Kick away your acne with our Blemiviv Face Cleanser. No chemicals and toxins should be a must part of your facial kit. You can slow down the premature aging of your skin and remove imperfections using a natural organic product. For pleasant and clear skin, use this simple all-natural Cleanser. Say goodbye to the dirt and pollutants that stick on the skin and dull your face tone. This non-foaming Cleanser will give your face a fresh appearance. You will love it after using it. Blemiviv Face Cleanser is ready to remove sebum, debris, pollutants, oil, various topical ointments, and dead skin cells from your face.


Because of the following criteria, this product is effective:
  • 100% organic and pure ingredients to give you dynamic results
  • Free of Alcohol and Non-Foaming Formula
  • No Artificial Aroma to keep your skin away from chemical contact.
  • Non-Allergenic to avoid reactions or bumps on the skin.


  • Keep your face hydrated, moist, and refresh the skin texture.
  • Add extra glow to your face and make your face pinky.
  • Extract dirt and makeup extracts from your face
  • Give your face a fresh look and elevates the skin tone
  • Provides soft and smooth effects, exfoliate the skin and unclog your pores
  • Shut out the wrinkles with no side effects
Blemiviv Face Cleanser with pure ingredients and no chemicals perfect for the skin is normal. Also, for Sensitive and Dry Skin or combination skin (i.e., oily and greasy) In short, it goes well with all skin types. So enjoy it without any fear of reaction or blemishes on the face. Washing your face with tap water is the first step in using this face cleanser. Then use a clean cloth to pat dry your face. Remove the lid from the Blemiviv face cleanser. Please take a few drops and mix them with water. Use it in the front. It should be rubbed for 4-5 minutes (10 minutes for extraordinary results). After that, clean your face with a cleanser pad. Yes! You have the right to know when you should use it. Please keep it in your bathroom cabin and use it daily before going to sleep or after waking up. Care for customers is our priority. Therefore we share some points with you. Determine your skin type, check its ingredients, pick one free of alcohol and notice the pH level.

Pro Tip:

Don’t use it if you haven’t washed your face first. It can use twice a day, although it works best at night. Apply it on your arm as a tester. In case of irritation, leave it. Do you wish to look after your most valuable asset? Then add the Blemiviv Face Cleanser into the cart NOW.