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Mini Flawless Glow Kit


Mini Flawless body kit

Why pick 2 or 3 different products from different places to achieve the same result when you can do it with 1? Choose this Mini Flawless Body kit for the perfect, fair skin in just one month! 

All the products you need for fair, flawless skin are in this kit. Your skin will be soft and lustrous after using the cream, while your face will be clean after using the soap. The scrub will remove dead cells and excess oil, while the milk will hydrate your skin.

Give your skin a healthy and replenished look with the Mini Flawless Body Kit. The mini kit comes with everything you need to give your complexion an instant dewy and radiant glow.

 Indulge in the richness of nature transform your skin into an angelic and touchable look with this Mini Flawless Body Kit.

The kit has an SPF 22 protection that shields your skin from sun damage and will not cause breakouts. The perfect gift for everyone looking for an all-in-one beauty routine set.

Use these 4 in one pattern as a step-by-step or separately. Here are the benefits of all the bottles in this kit:

Flawless Glow Soap:

Flawless Glow soap can remove impurities and makeup residue that blocks pores to reveal more radiant skin. In just a few short weeks, you will see a brighter complexion and softer, smoother skin that is clean and ready for any foundation or makeup application.

Start living every day with Flawless Glow Soap. Breathe easy and let it work for you- add water and watch your skin come to life!

Flawless glow face cream:

 Introducing Flawless glow face cream, a gentle skin product that delivers instant radiance, lightens the skin, fades out dark spots, and delivers moisturizing moisture.

 It hydrates skin’s natural moisture barrier, minimizes irritation and redness, and gives your skin that healthy glow it deserves!

 Help achieve a light facial skin complexion with Flawless glow face cream, which smoothens your skin’s texture and is perfect for acne-prone or sensitive skin types. Finally, say goodbye to breakouts!

Do not wait; start making your face radiant now with Flawless glow face cream!

Exfoliating Scrub:

Exfoliate your skin with natural ingredients. Get rid of dry skin cells and revitalize your complexion with a scrub in just one minute.

 This scrub soothes, balance, and bring back a healthy sheen to your skin. One minute of massaging this natural scrub on your face will give you the spa experience you deserve.

It removes excess oil and dead cells while boosting collagen production, making wrinkles less visible.

Flawless glow milk:

Flawless body milk by Blemiviv is a lightweight and non-greasy moisturizer that leaves skin feeling soft. It’s formulated to provide 24hour hydration and the right amount of moisture for all skin types.

Protect your skin and give it a healthy glow with this lightweight formula penetrating deep into the pores for a cleanse and purification.

The natural oils in the milk help create a softer, smoother complexion, perfect for those who want a youthful glow. Anyone can use this product without fear of breaking out the skin or clogging pores with heavy ingredients.

Give your skin a healthy luster with flawless body milk today!

Mini Kit For Pocket Use With 4 products:

The Mini Flawless Body kit is the perfect way to achieve a light skin complexion. It’s a perfect size for travel, getting you glowing in no time at all. The mini face care kit is a great way to carry around your skincare products. The kit includes a bar of soap, moisturizer, and a travel-size of your favorite skin product. This kit is perfect for any skin type, including sensitive skin.

Pro Tip:

Avail of this mini kit: A pack of four products in one package at an affordable rate. The products cleanse, moisturize and brighten the complexion in one go. This kit with natural extracts has no side effects. But still, while using it, it is necessary to apply all on arms or legs as a tester.

The kit comes with everything you need to achieve that healthy skin looks, from soap to cream and even an exfoliating scrub. BUY IT NOW!

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