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Blemiviv Baby Cream


Baby cream is suitable and safe for baby skin, made with natural product from scratch to finish, doesn’t lighten or tone only glows, and maintains children’s complexion.

500ml £35
250ml £18

Blemiviv Baby Cream – Blemiviv Koncept   The soothing, moisturizing, and healing ointment for baby! Cream for the skin is full of chemicals and harmful ingredients, so why not use a natural product that is safe and effective? For baby creams, finding the right one can feel like a challenge. Made with a natural product from scratch to finish, a doe with fragrance, this unique cream is recommended by an expert. And we believe it’s essential to make your life easier and save money, so we spent 18 months researching all the things you need when buying or using baby lotions.⁣⁣ This baby cream is a moisturizing body lotion specially designed for newborns and infants. It has the additional benefits of being hypoallergenic, water-resistant, and fragrance-free. It also has the advantage of being free from phthalates and alcohol. Wash your baby and dry its body. Please pick a Blemiviv Baby Cream and apply it softly on the body and face of the baby.   Features:
  • Natural Product of Baby Cream with organic essential body oils.
  • The lotion is hypoallergenic and tear-free, with no steroids, and chemicals.
  • It is a natural product made from 100% natural ingredients, suitable and safe for baby skin, and protects the delicate skin from premature aging.
  • Easy to use and the best protection for baby skin without parabens and Phenoxyethanol (allergenic ingredients).
  • It is not heavy, fade-proof, and doesn’t disturb skin color.
  • Baby cream protects from harmful UV rays and impurities in the air while moisturizing and soothing their skin.
  • This baby cream is long-lasting, fit for Baby Skin, and keeps the baby’s natural complexion.
  • This nourishing, natural cream is ideal for treating chafed, chapped, or cracked skin.
  • The ingredients in this cream will help protect the baby’s skin from dehydration and irritation caused by dry climates, sun exposure, and other environmental elements.

Time To Buy Baby Cream:

Baby cream comes in a silky, baby-like consistency. Lavender Essential Oil, which has relaxing effects, is utilised in the cream. The essential oil aids in soothing the skin as it helps to moisturize the skin and prevent dryness. The natural, silky feel of Blemiviv Baby Cream captures the needs of the skin, making it a gentle but effective treatment for a baby. The body-concentrated formula, just a few drops, applies to face and body. And make your baby protected from the harsh environment and germs. A baby’s skin is the most sensitive part of their body. Because of this, it is vital to protect it from harmful chemicals and other factors that can affect the complexion of a baby.   Pro Tip: The Blemiviv baby cream has no side effects, but we recommend applying it to your baby’s arms or legs for extra care. If you feel the baby is happy and there are no rashes, then continue to use it.   Equate to the ideal cream or do not equate to the creams that litters are out of control! We don’t want their safety and protection; we want to prioritize health. So let’s use Blemiviv Baby Cream. Buy It Now!