Blemiviv Pink Lips Balm


Blemiviv Pink Lips Balm

A smile will light up your world and make your pink lips look sparkling like the stars. 

Lip kits are the latest consumer gadget. Now we believe it is time to create the perfect lip routine! Taking your lip balm along with you on a trip, holiday, or daily commute can be pretty convenient. It is the ultimate Pink Lips Balm.

A pink lip kit is used to achieve and maintain a beautiful shiny, glossy flush. It is used to help restore skin moisture, balance and firm the lips, help soften uneven lines, including fine lines around the mouth and upper lip area.

Lip balm and lip scrub are handy in our daily life. They can improve the appearance of the lips and smoothen the lip skin. And there is no better option than using natural ingredients from essential oils. You can use these items even after a long day at work, and they will keep your lips moisturized all day long.

Here we offer!

Pink Lips Balm: With the use of a Pink Lip Balm, you can enhance your lip texture and color and get even more glow.

Pink Lip Scrub: The luscious taste of vanilla, sugar, and coconut oil mixed quickly and easily to create a sweet mouthwatering dessert and exfoliate the lips.

Yeah! Your lips are the face ornaments. So, to protect them and keep their gloss, use our Lip Scrub. Please take some scrub on hand and mix with water. Now scrub it on the lips and the area around the Lip. After cleaning it, wait for 5 minutes. Then use the Pink Lip Balm and prominent your pout.


  • The lip scrub comes with 100% natural ingredients like vanilla and sugar.
  • This Lip Kit is the best moisturizer for chapped and dry lips because of the coconut oil.
  • This lip kit is pure with no chemicals, sulfates, alcohol, or parabens.


  • Lip scrub with a bit of lip balm, that’s ok. But what you want is something more. It will give you the perfect pink lips.
  • Blemiviv Pink Lips Balm vibrates to provide you with moisturizing relief from dry lips.
  • Designed for sensitive lips, it’s made with an exclusive blend of coconut oils and sugar that helps to absorb excess moisture and restore strength to your lips.

Smooth Your Lips Pink with Blemiviv Balm:

Blemiviv lips balm moisturizes dry and chapped lips. It also has a cooling coolness that soothes and refreshes the skin. This lip balm and scrub are unique products. It contains 100% pure sugar, a natural, hormone-free substance.

Coconut oil has many benefits, including moisturizing lips and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and sagging lips or skin around them. This lip balm makes you look beautiful with its refreshing tingle of original vanilla.

Pro Tip:

Use our Lip scrub for 30 seconds. Then have a look; if there is something unusual, leave it and wash your lip. In this scenario, mix some lip scrub with milk and then use it.

You can apply lip balm anytime and anywhere. No worries!

Blemiviv Koncept creates a striking Pink Lip Kit and makes your online appearance more glamorous. Apply the Pink Lip Balm to your lips to get a very healthy-looking lip job. BUY IT NOW!

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