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Hot Choco Face Kit


Face Kit: Face Kit – Blemiviv Koncept Our skincare kit- the Blemiviv face kit, is an effective and affordable solution that saves your skin and can use anytime! This hot choco face kit doesn’t lighten it helps improve your facial appearance, fade out pimples and acne spot. Now you can achieve a flawless, bright look in one bundle. Give your skin the boost it needs by using the Blemiviv face kit for both you and your loved ones.   Face Kit For Perfect Glow Face Cleanser: Let’s clean with natural ingredients and leave your skin protected and ready to apply makeup at any time.   Blemiviv face cleanser helps clean your skin without harmful chemicals and artificial substances. The Blemiviv Face cleanser leaves your skin soft and supple without making the skin dry or sticky, leaving no traces of excess water residues. You can use the Blemiviv Face Cleanser after washing your face with water. Apply a paltry amount of product onto your face and massage it gently into your pores, skin, and waxing areas, especially around them (i.e., chin area). Wash off with lukewarm water for about 15 minutes. You will feel a pleasant and refreshing feeling after application.   Forego harsh acne treatments; the Blemiviv Face Cleanser is the one for you! Buy it Now.   Face Soap: Stop spending hours scrubbing your face with harsh products that will leave it looking like a mask of old. Get the skin you want with this water-based soap made to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by nourishing and hydrating the skin. Forget a dark and tired face from spending hours sweating on the beach. Buy this deep cleaner soap to improve your skin texture and prevent future problems like acne, hyperpigmentation, and more!   Face Mask:  Make yourself look more attractive & more youthful with new facial treatments and help prevent the ageing process. Natural Face masks are the best way to get the perfect face glow. Blemiviv face mask can add a subtle yet complete transformation to your facial appearance. Dip your face in natural face masks deeply for minutes & revitalize yourself for a perfect glow! Use Blemiviv’s effective anti-pollution face masks that help boost eye space and make you look younger, clearer & sharper longer! Buy it now to build your skincare routine from today! Hot Choco Face Cream: Want a cream that quickly brightens your skin and fades dark spots to achieve a beautiful light complexion, skin tone, and fresh face? Hot Choco Face Cream is for you! Use it now! Hot Choco face cream is convenient to use; you can apply it on any face area naturally and effectively. This cream formulates to act effectively without causing any side effects. Its formulation designing to lighten dark spots safely and naturally. Every user will feel the effectiveness of Hot Choco within a few days of usage. Hot Choco cream is an enhancer that contains cocoa, liqueur, and vitamin E, which can use as a skin whitening agent, even a face whitener, without chemical substances. It also works to fade out the black marks and spots that are very dark. Remarkably effective and skin-perfecting facial skincare cream is for you.   Pro-Tip This face kit has everything from cleanser to mask to cream to become a part of your daily care routine. If you feel redness or itching by using any of the above skincare products (less than 1% possible), leave it and consult your dermatologist. While using this kit, make sure to use the bottle within 90 days after opening it.   Are you looking for a face kit that has all from removing oiliness from your face to smooth the skin? If yes, then Blemiviv Face Kit is probably for you! Book your order now and enjoy the smoothness.