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Inner Thighs Kit


Inner Thighs Scrub and Cream Kit

Think how much time you spent clearing your inner thighs!. With the Inner Thighs Scrub Kit, you can get rid of these issues fast and efficiently. The problem with inner thighs is that they look dark, feel heavy and uncomfortable, and are not like fresh skinInner Thigh Creams & Scrubs can improve your whole body’s appearance & feel by making your skin look fresher and more radiant. And it’s the lack of time spent on your inner thighs makes this an immense problem for many people. Inner Thighs kit is here to solve those issues for you! It can ultimately make you look & feel better. You don’t have to spend hours on tedious daily maintenance work with the inner thighs kit. Holy Crap! You better pay attention. Use Inner Thighs Scrub to make your skin look fresher and healthier. Take a scrub from the Inner Thigh Scrub bottle. Mix it with the slightly warm water and scrub the thighs to exfoliate the grime. Continue to scrub for 7-8 minutes, then clean the particular area. After this step, apply Inner Thigh Cream to resume the shine and natural look.


  • An Inner Thigh Kit offers 2 in 1, i.e., Inner Thigh Scrub and Inner Thigh Cream.
  • Emollient has Milk protein and Papaya extract for smooth and firm skin.
  • Fresh and luminous because of the presence of vitamin C.
  • Natural ingredients & safe to use in the shower or bath.
  • Inner Thigh Scrub is a natural, Organic Remedy. Created to help you restore your skin’s health and vitality.


  • Works to draw the inner thighs into a fuller, softer shape.
  • Used to minimize the appearance of inner thighs, make them appear more toned, and help fade the look of cellulite.
  • The Inner Thigh Scrub helps treat stretch marks and scars.
  • simple scrub to use on the inner thighs that Deep Cleans and revitalizes skin.
  • Soothing, cleansing, and rejuvenating, this scrub and cream help deal with skin imperfections.

Clean Thighs 10X better & faster with Blemiviv’s Inner Thighs Cream and Scrub:

Many people have dark, very coarse, and thick thighs from working out. The chief cause of this is wearing tight clothes without shorts and heavy pantyhose. The Blemiviv Koncept uses an organic and unique micro-dermal (deep) cleaning system to safely remove the deep skin deposits in the legs. So Inner thighs are free of dark, coarse, and thick spots forever. You’re due for a good scrub. Regain firmness and clarity on your thighs once again! Don’t waste time on false promises; turn to the inner thighs kit and cleanse those thighs with ease.

Pro Tip:

To prevent thighs from scratches and dryness, use the Blemiviv Carrot Oil and moisturize them. Make thigh cream a daily part of the thighs protection. And use thigh scrub 2-3 times a minimum in 7 days. No. We don’t say that we’re not incredible because we’re just regular hippies. Try Inner thighs kit today and get rid of those thigh smudges permanently! BUY IT NOW.