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Flawless Glow Bar soap


Moroccan Herbal Whiting Soap – Blemiviv Koncept Do you want to find a solution for all of your skin issues? And see the one that is perfect for your skin? Moroccan Herbal Whiting Soap is the only soap that brings that goal to reality because it can lighten rash or eczema on the skin.   Human hands and skin are precious to us. Therefore we create a product that will boost your skin tone and make your skin life easy. This soap has packed with natural ingredients that are soothing to the skin and prevent dullness caused by harmful UV rays. Hence it emits an all-natural fragrance that lasts for long, even after washing, making it natural skincare and tone booster. Moroccan soap is not just for your face but can also use for other areas on your body like feet, hands, face or hair. It can help heal minor skin conditions like dandruff, even during the winter season containing the herbal extract. With proper care, you can also use Moroccan soap to treat the itching of eczema-like razor bumps, rashes, etc.   Get yourself ready for a bath with our Moroccan Herbal Whiting Soap. Wet your body by taking a dip in a bathtub. Then, gently rub the soap on the belly, arms, legs and private areas. Now rinse your body with lukewarm water. After rinsing, keep your body in water for 5 minutes for complete cleanliness. If you have a Caramel Glow Cream, apply it to enhance the result of herbal soap.   Features:
  • This soap is unique because of its natural fragrance, herbal extracts, 0% chemicals and no addition of parabens and sulfates.
  • It has a high-quality softness on the skin, cleanliness, natural and aromatic aromas of Moroccan ingredients.
  • It has durable quality & fine finish on the skin’s surface, adhering well to other products.
  • It will help clear up skin issues like eczema and reduce skin dullness.
  • This soap has all-natural properties that can lighten your skin tone or whiten your face.
  • Moroccan soap is the best product for all skin types; it is gentle and effective on the skin, which you can apply to everyday life.

Blemiviv Special Soap For Special Ones:

Unique and purified herbal extracts mix to provide a particular skin cleaner with zero fuss of side effects. The Moroccan soap absorbance, delicacy and action on the skin make it a special one. It does its work in 2 ways:
  • It reduces inflammation and bumps on the skin surface by exfoliating dead skin cells, so they dry off to form an invisible layer which reduces bacterial growth.
  • It relieves itching on itching or irritation. It has all-natural ingredients that moisturize the skin without chemicals or fragrances, making it an excellent option.
Pro Tip: Moroccan soap works well for you if your skin is becoming extremely sensitive with time. Before using it, pour tap water on your body, then apply it thoroughly. After using it, your body gets extra smooth and also white. If not, then you are in 1% exceptional people. Your body requires time to absorb the natural ingredients.   Herbal ingredients always give your body a smooth feel. So, to herbally whiten your skin and fade its rashes, Buy Moroccan Herbal Whitening Soap Now!