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Snow White Set


Snow White Body Care Kit – Blemiviv Koncept

Snow White Body Care Kit is a game-changer for your beauty routine!


Snow White’s natural ingredients provide a luxurious spa-like experience. It leaves you feeling fresh and healthy in just minutes!

Gently renew your skin with its botanical formula. This kit regulates natural oil production and prevents skin from drying out. It also removes dullness and discolouration. It inhales a calming, refreshing scent during your morning shower bliss.


Blemiviv only Kit comes with Snow White Body Care Kit, 500ml Snow White cream, Instant glow sugar scrub, Snow White Soap, and Snow White Glowing Oil. You can use the whitening cream to create the ultimate complexion from head to toe and a flawless glow all day long. The scrub exfoliates the skin gently while the pH-balanced soap works wonders on the body’s surface.


Find out more about what our kit can do magic on your face.


Snow White Cream:

Why not save your skin with arbutin oil and allantoin? With Blemiviv Snow White Cream, your skin will glow from within, no matter the conditions.

If you are looking for ultra-pigmented, long-lasting & hydrating cream for your body, this cream will be your right pick.

With Alpha Arbutin, skin’s elasticity increases, and complexion enhances & glowing. With allantoin, essential nutrients get absorbed through the skin’s surface. This formula is perfect for fair-skinned women and men over 40 and under the 40s. Get your skincare bundle from Blemiviv Koncept Now!


Snow White Face Cream:

Do you want to look white and feel great all year round? Our Snow-white face cream is precisely for the same purpose. This cream with a mixture of natural ingredients brings natural brightness, glow and smoothness to your face.

If you want your skin to be snow white by the end of this year, stuff your beauty box with Blemiviv Snow White Face cream. Its formula works explicitly on the face’s skin cells that constantly bear the environmental elements.


Snow White Soap:

While bathing, use Blemiviv snow-white soap to leave your skin feeling soft. It is also the perfect combination to use after shaving or waxing.


Our snow white soap is a highly harmonious combination of olive oil, cocoa butter and butter in a creamy texture, which takes care of all skin types with one easy application! It maintains the original moisture level in your skin. Soap provides the first line of defence against acne and helps fight against dryness.


Instant Glow Sugar Scrub:

Use Blemiviv Sugar Scrub as a daily exfoliating facial scrub. It kicks grim from your skin pores and stimulates circulation. Rejuvenates your skin, so it feels soft and radiant, even with regular use.

This handy sugar scrub does it all — exfoliating and cleaning your skin while also keeping it fresh and soft. It contains Exfoliation Sugar to use as a scrub on your body and act as an exfoliation tool on your face.

Use it on your back, arms, legs, feet, or anywhere else you want to see a visible improvement in the appearance of your skin. You need to put the scrub on the area where you want to see the most improvement, and that’s all!

It works better than anything you could buy because it contains natural ingredients that boost the effectiveness of other beauty products by offering protection against disease, moisturising dry, rough skin sculpts & smoothes wrinkles.


Snow White Oil:

If you want to keep your skin glowing and radiating to impress your buddies, then glowing oil is the right choice to use on your face. This oil with arbutin and natural ingredients provide your skin with a natural glow. It also keeps your skin ready to combat germs.

If you have acne, rosacea, or sensitive skin, your skin chemistry is different — your body chemistry reacts differently to oil. So instead of using an artificial product on your face, use Blemiviv Snow White Oil instead.

Build Your Skincare Routine With Snow White Body Care Kit:

The skincare routine needs perfect steps to follow. We at Blemiviv specially make this kit for those busy with office work or household chores. Place this pleasing pocket kit on your bathroom shelf. Whenever you return from work and take a bath, use it and build your skincare routine. You will see how the skin cells join together, tighten your skin, and add smoothness. So keep your skin glowing, fluffy and cosy with excellent skincare.

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